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Coefficient of Calculation of Inflection Point

When the classical methods are used the input coefficient kinf allows the determination of the inflection point location based on Linf = L/kinf. In this case the coefficient kinf represents a very important input parameter strongly influencing the shape and slope of subsidence trough. Its value depends on the average soil or rock, respectively, in overburden - literature offers the values of kinf in the range 2.1 - 4.0.

Based on a series of FEM calculations the following values are recommended:


gravel soil G1-G3

kinf = 3.5


sand and gravel soil S1-S5,G4,G5, rocks R5-R6

kinf = 3.0


fine-grained soil F1-F4

kinf = 2.5


fine-grained soil F5-F8

kinf = 2.1

The coefficient for calculation of inflection point is input in the frame "Settings".

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